The #1 Problem Parents Face During Potty Training

You're not alone. Which is why this expert-guided course exists.

In less than two hours, get your poop problems solved using expert, science-based information. That means no more spending time you don’t have reading books that probably won’t answer your questions anyway, scrolling social media in hopes of finding an influencer with the same problem as you, getting lost in the Google rabbit hole for hours each night coming out of it more confused then when you started, or continuing to waste time and money on diapers with no foreseeable end in sight. UGH - am I right?! Instead buy in one click. Watch during naptime. Actually put your phone on the charger when you go to bed tonight and get a good night’s sleep knowing you’ve finally got a plan in place!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Video Presentation

    • How to Get Your Child to Poop on the Potty Video Presentation

    • Presentation video with subtitles

  • 2

    Bonus Materials!

    • Poop on the Potty Handbook

    • Poop Training Shopping List with Links

    • How Do You Poo? Exclusive Ebook

    • Potty Progress Chart

    • Nighttime Research Results

    • My Potty Time Flip Chart

    • Must Have Potty Training Product Guide

  • 3

    Video Links

    • Breathing Exercise Video

    • Encopresis Video

You have access to the course content for one full year with enrollment. For extension or upgrade options, please contact us at!