Your child is well on their way to being completely potty trained. Hooray! Except one thing…they still wake up with a wet diaper.

Unfortunately, this can be a struggle for many parents, and now there is finally a resource by a professional to address this issue specifically without the heavy price tag of hiring a private consultant.

Full of expert tips and tricks, this 1-hour video and presentation is packed full of professional information you need to know about nighttime potty training from prep to ongoing problems, including a step-by-step process that really works so you can finally ditch those nighttime diapers for good!

Whether you have already started (or finished!) your daytime potty training journey, or you have yet to begin, you are sure to find the tools you need inside this course to lead your kiddo to dry nights.

“Allison’s approach to nighttime training is spot on. Her expertise will make potty training your little one a breeze.”

- Lindsey Wade, WeeSleep™ Sleep Consultant

“It felt like we had tried everything...Our 6-year old son was daytime potty trained, but for years he could not master the nighttime…Now he has been totally dry at night for almost 2 months. We can’t thank Allison enough and without hesitation recommend her services and methods.”

- J.L., client

Inside you'll find one year access to:

  • A one-hour video presentation (not captioned)
  • A handy summary overview
  • A printable Nighttime Research Chart
  • A copy of the presentation slides for future reference as needed

About the instructor

Owner & Founder, Potty Training Consultant Allison Jandu

When it came time to potty train her first child, Allison was quickly overwhelmed by all the conflicting information available online and was really missing the support and science-based guidance she was after. Toddlerhood is challenging enough -- she didn't think was fair for parents to have to guess their way through potty training! So after 5,000+ hours of research, she created resources that are all based on proven facts. And now she has an entire community where parents can come together without judgement, ask the hard questions, and get evidence-based facts that drive potty success.

Course Curriculum

    1. Module 1 - Introduction

    2. Module 2 - Preparation

    3. Nighttime Diaper Check Tracking Chart

    4. Module 3 - Getting Dry Nights!

    5. Must Have Potty Training Product Guide

    6. Module 4 - Dream Pees

    7. Module 5 - Troubleshooting

    8. Potty Pass Template

About this course

  • $24.99
  • 8 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Ready to make the leap to diaper-free nights?

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What people are saying...

5 star rating

Nighttime potty training

Dawn Gerdes

Excellent presentation!

Excellent presentation!

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5 star rating

Nighttime Potty Training

Bridget Patek

5 star rating

Simple and Helpful

Nicole Thorburn

Really great, thank you for keeping it simple and easy to follow.

Really great, thank you for keeping it simple and easy to follow.

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You get access to the course content for one full year with enrollment. For extension and upgrade options, please contact us at [email protected]